Page Styles Demo

"Gotta catch'em'all!" — Ash, I think, I have no idea.

I basically picked the demo for sakura CSS and changed it a bit to make this demo.

H1 header

Italic, bold, and monospace. Itemized lists look like:

A horizontal rule follows.

Images are responsive by default:

example image

example kitten

An h2 header

Some code blocks

define foobar() {
	print "Welcome to flavor country!";

An h3 header

A nested list:

  1. First, get these ingredients:

  2. Boil some water.

Header level 1

Header level 2

Header level 3

Header level 4

Header level 5
Header level 6

A horizontal line:

Here's a link to a website, to a local doc, and to a section heading in the current doc. Here's a footnote 1.

Tables can look like this:

Shoes, their sizes, and what they're made of
size material color
9 leather brown
10 hemp canvas natural
11 glass transparent

Multi-line tables:

keyword text
red Sunsets, apples, and other red or reddish things.
green Leaves, grass, frogs and other things it's not easy being.